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Access Bars® one-day class in Buda

január 21 @ 10:00 - 18:00

This easy and gentle touch technique to energetically release all the stress of your life is available to learn in one day only for everybody.
By using it, you can change things in your life or in others’. If you have already received a session, then you exactly know what I am talking about. If not, then keep reading.
Access Bars® is a simple and easy touch technique presented by Gary Douglas at the beginning of the ’90’s in the USA. This is the fundamental process of Access Consciousness® that can help you to find the path of your life or make the right turn when you come to crossroads. It can help finding the paths and possibilities even where you never thought they would be.
There are 32 energetic areas on the head that run around and across your brain. These are to so-called bars that connect certain points which represent different areas and aspects of life. During an Access Bars session, we touch these points to dissipate and eliminate the electro-magnetic charges of all the thoughts, feelings, emotions, points of views, beliefs, patterns and blocks that only limit you in the particular fields of life.
What is Access Bars® good for?
The best-case scenario is that your whole life changes after a session, the worst case is that you had an hour rest and feel like you received a nice massage. You have nothing to lose. It is known to have the following effects:
– stress release
– decrease of fear, anxiety, depression and panic
– decrease of hyperactivity, attention deficiency and behavior problems
– decrease of stress in exam situations
– gives you a better sleep
– dissipates blocks in any field of life
– helps with proper body functioning
– helps weight issues
– decrease of trauma
and many more possible, that are all individual
What happens in the one-day class?
You learn about Access Consciousness®, you get tools that are practical and work that you can start using straight away and of course you learn the process of an Access Bars® session. During the class you give two sessions and receive two sessions.
For more information pls check the following links:
What is Access Bars®?
What is Access Consciousness®?
Dr. Jeffrey Fannin researcher on changes in the brain due to an Access Bars® session:
You will be given notes of the class, head charts and also a certificate that proves that you are an Access Bars® practitioner! You will also be a registered practitioner officially.
For more information pls check the link:
As an Access Bars® practitioner you will have access to loads of materials, you will be able to attend clubs to swap sessions with others. I host such clubs every Monday where you can practice, share your experiences and ask questions. If you attend the class with me your participation is free once in the following month.
Using Access Bars® can help your family members and friends or colleagues to have a happier and stress-free life.
The fee of the class if you live in Hungary is 70.000 HUF. If you are a resident of a different country then different pricing will apply, pls enquire.
Age discounts are applicable as follows:
Ages 16-17: 50% discount
Ages 15 and under: free with a full paying adult attending.
Repeat price: 50% discount applicable.
There are no prerequisites to this class. You have to register and pay the applicable fee. Payment deadline: 20th January, noon.
Register for the class here:
Facilitator: Györgyi Takács, CFMW, Access Bars Facilitator, Access Facelift Facilitator and Body Process Practitioner
Phone: +36204341519.
I am happy you are joining me in creating ease in life!


január 21
10:00 - 18:00
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